Walker Street

Melbourne Band Covering 60 Years of Incredible Music!

Walker Street is a covers band from Braeside, Victoria who know how to fill a dance floor.

The five members, with a combined performing experience of over 160 years between them, have all played in various bands around Australia. After meeting up one night in early 2015 to see what would happen if they tried playing together, an instant musical bond was formed.

With demonstrated musicianship, natural harmonies and engaging personalities, the result is indeed greater than the sum of the parts. All five members take turns to lead the vocals with the other members providing perfectly blended harmonies.

The constantly increasing repertoire includes well known and loved songs from the 1960s through to this century! We’ll have you up and dancing. 

Andrew – Guitar & Vocals

Andrew is the newest member of Walker Street and brings a wealth of experience and talent. He also fills the band fridge when it’s his turn!

To be honest, we are all in a little awe of Andrew but we’d never tell him that to his face. His knowledge of classic and pub rock is as impressive as his hat collection.

Not only a plucking good guitarist, he has the vocal chops to back it up! From screaming melodies to perfectly placed harmonies, he’s the full package.

Along with Vicki, it’s now become a competition to see who can hand off most of their song list to Andrew to sing. Richard is very happy to report that he is winning.

Bob – Keyboard & Vocals

Bob is a valued member of the band and not just because he owns the factory we rehearse in. Bob is considered by others the musical director of Walker Street due to his many years of experience and the fact that no-one else wants the responsibility. An incredibly talented musician and man of many talents, Bob built the rehearsal room that has us the envy of many other bands.

On keyboards, Bob is the bloke with all the sounds. He is also responsible for Walker Street’s tight harmonies always making us run through them “one more time”. He would like you to know that he is not responsible for the looser harmonies, that’s all on the rest of us.

Nick – Bass & Vocals

They say “It’s all about the bass” so therefore we can safely extrapolate that it’s all about Nick … because Nick is the man with the bass.

When he is not laying down a fine bass groove often accompanied by acceptable-range defying harmonies, Nick can be found doing his full-time job. None of us  knows either what it is or exactly what he does. But it means he gets to travel around Australia and do scientific things which he seems to enjoy.

Nick and our drummer have formed a tight musical bond that often has them playing identical phrases at random moments much to the amusement of themselves and occasionally others. If asked though, they will state that they are just friends.

When it comes to gigs, Nick will be sure to turn up in an outfit that fits the required dress code but still reminds the rest of us that we could have all tried that little bit harder.

Richard – Drums & Vocals

Richard is the guy behind the drums. The others all pick on him for being a drummer even though they are all secretly jealous that he can play drums, sing and send a text message at the same time.

He enjoys laying down the groove with Nick, harmonising with Andrew & Vicki, long walks on the beach and trying to anticipate what Bob will build or buy next. 

On stage, Richard has been referred to as the “Engine Room” of Walker Street. Although very flattered, he sees himself more as the “back room” in the house … You know the one that you throw everything into when people come around.

Vicki – Vocals

Last only due to her name not faring well in the alphabetical stakes, is Vicki.

Vicki brings with her years of experience fronting some pretty amazing bands such as Red Alert and Jellybean Addiction (possibly the coolest name for a band ever) as well as recording and releasing her own album called “A Sheer Sky” as Medusa with all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Australia. Vickie also sings in a duo with Richard’s brother Chris (a former member of the band) when not classic rocking with us.

We knew we had to have Vicki in the band after she turned up to a rehearsal and added a flat nine harmony to a line in “Come Together”. To be honest we knew we had to have her join when she turned up at the right location, on the right day and not too late.

It’s now become a competition to see who can hand off most of their song list to Vicki to sing. Richard is very happy to report that he is winning this one too.